United Motorcycles, Pakistan’s 2nd Most selling Motorcycle

In the competitive landscape of Pakistan’s motorcycle market, United Motorcycles has emerged as a formidable player. As a local manufacturer, United Motorcycles claims to be the second most selling brand in the country, a status corroborated by their impressive sales figures of 9,131 units in May 2024. This achievement places United Motorcycles in a strong position, especially when compared to industry giant Honda, which sold an astounding 103,297 motorcycles in the same month. Despite the disparity in sales volumes, United Motorcycles’ growth is noteworthy and signifies a growing preference for local brands among Pakistani consumers.

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United Motorcycles: A Rising Star

United Motorcycles has steadily built its reputation by offering a range of affordable and reliable motorcycles tailored to the needs of the Pakistani market. The company’s product lineup includes popular models such as the United US70 and United US125, which are known for their durability, fuel efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These attributes make United Motorcycles an attractive option for a wide segment of the population, particularly for those seeking a reliable mode of transportation at an accessible price point.

Product Portfolio

United Motorcycles’ product range is designed to cater to various consumer needs. The United US70, for instance, is a highly popular model in the 70cc segment, offering an economical and efficient ride. This model is particularly favored by daily commuters and small business owners who require a dependable vehicle for their daily transportation needs. Similarly, the United US125 caters to those looking for more power and performance, without a significant increase in cost.

The company has also expanded its offerings to include models with advanced features and modern aesthetics, appealing to younger and more style-conscious riders. By maintaining a balance between affordability and quality, United Motorcycles has managed to capture a significant share of the market.

United 70 Features

Comparison with Honda

While United Motorcycles’ achievements are commendable, comparing them with Honda highlights the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the local manufacturer. Honda, the undisputed leader in the Pakistani motorcycle market, sold an impressive 103,297 units in May 2024. Honda’s dominance can be attributed to its long-standing reputation for quality, extensive dealer network, and robust after-sales service.

Honda’s product lineup, including the iconic Honda CD70 and CG125, has become synonymous with reliability and performance. The brand’s continuous innovation, coupled with strong marketing and widespread availability of spare parts, ensures customer loyalty and trust. Honda’s motorcycles, although priced higher than some local competitors, justify their cost with superior build quality, longevity, and a comprehensive service network.

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Market Dynamics

Despite Honda’s overwhelming market presence, United Motorcycles’ performance indicates a shift in consumer behavior. The increasing sales of United Motorcycles suggest a growing acceptance and trust in local brands. Economic factors also play a crucial role; as disposable incomes fluctuate, more consumers are turning to affordable yet reliable options like United Motorcycles.

Additionally, United has leveraged its local manufacturing capabilities to offer competitive prices, quicker supply chain responses, and models tailored specifically to local preferences. This localized approach provides United with an edge in understanding and meeting the unique demands of Pakistani consumers.

Future Prospects

For United to further solidify its position and potentially close the gap with Honda, several strategic actions are necessary. Enhancing their distribution network, improving after-sales services, and ensuring the availability of spare parts are crucial steps. Additionally, investing in marketing campaigns that highlight the unique selling points of United can help build brand equity and attract more customers.

United can also explore innovation by incorporating modern features such as fuel injection, digital instrumentation, and enhanced safety features in their models. Collaborations with technology partners or even considering electric motorcycle options could position United as a forward-thinking brand, catering to future market demands.


United’ impressive sales figures in May 2024 underscore its growing influence in Pakistan’s motorcycle market. While Honda remains the market leader with a significant sales lead, United Motorcycles’ rise reflects a broader trend towards local brands offering value for money. By focusing on affordability, reliability, and continuous improvement, United has the potential to further enhance its market position and challenge established players in the industry. As the market evolves, the competition between United and Honda will undoubtedly drive innovation and offer better choices for Pakistani consumers.

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