SUZUKI Motorcycles, Still selling more Motorcycles Than YAMAHA in Pakistan

In the bustling motorcycle market of Pakistan, Pak Suzuki continues to carve out its niche, despite challenging circumstances. The company sold 1,700 motorcycles in May 2024, a figure that, while modest compared to Honda’s colossal 103,297 units sold in the same period, reflects a resilient and dedicated customer base. The higher price tags of Suzuki models, such as the GD110S, GR150, the newly launched GSX125, and the enduring GS150, have not deterred its loyal following. This enduring appeal highlights the unique value proposition that Pak Suzuki offers to its customers.

Sales Performance and Market Position

Pak Suzuki’s sales figures for May 2024, standing at 1,700 units, are significantly lower than those of the market leader, Honda. Honda’s dominance is evident in its sales volume, which surpasses Suzuki’s by a wide margin. However, these numbers alone do not paint the full picture. Pak Suzuki’s performance should be viewed in the context of its strategic positioning and the specific segments it targets.

Premium Pricing and Product Offering

Suzuki motorcycles are known for their premium pricing, which sets them apart from many other brands in the Pakistani market. The GD110S, for example, is a compact and efficient motorcycle that offers excellent build quality and reliability. The GR150 and the newly launched GSX125 cater to riders seeking more power, advanced features, and a sportier riding experience. Meanwhile, the GS150 has established itself as a reliable workhorse over the years, beloved for its durability and robust performance.

سوزوکی GS150SE دوبارہ لانچ ہو رہا ہے ؟
سوزوکی GS150SE دوبارہ لانچ ہو رہا ہے ؟

Loyal Fan Base

Despite the higher prices, Suzuki has cultivated a loyal fan base that values the brand’s quality and performance. Suzuki motorcycles are often seen as a step up from more basic models, offering a premium riding experience that justifies the extra cost. This perception of superior quality and reliability has helped Suzuki maintain a dedicated following.

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Comparison with Honda

Honda’s overwhelming market presence, with over 100,000 units sold in May 2024 alone, highlights the brand’s stronghold in Pakistan. Honda’s extensive dealer network, comprehensive after-sales service, and the affordability of its models like the CD70 and CG125 contribute to its market dominance. These factors make Honda the go-to choice for a vast majority of Pakistani consumers, particularly those looking for economical and dependable transportation.

However, Suzuki’s strategy differs significantly from Honda’s. By focusing on higher-end models, Suzuki targets a specific segment of the market that prioritizes quality, performance, and advanced features over mere affordability. This approach allows Suzuki to maintain a profitable and sustainable business model, even with lower sales volumes.

Challenges and Opportunities

Pak Suzuki faces several challenges, including intense competition from both international and local brands, price sensitivity among consumers, and the economic pressures affecting disposable incomes. To overcome these challenges, Suzuki must continue to innovate and offer value that resonates with its target audience.

One of the opportunities for Suzuki lies in expanding its product range to include more mid-tier models that bridge the gap between affordability and premium features. Additionally, strengthening the supply chain to ensure the availability of spare parts and enhancing the dealer network can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Future Prospects

The future for Pak Suzuki involves leveraging its brand strength and loyal customer base while adapting to market dynamics. By continuing to focus on quality, reliability, and performance, Suzuki can sustain its appeal among discerning consumers. Moreover, exploring new technologies and possibly venturing into the electric motorcycle segment could position Suzuki as a forward-thinking brand ready to meet future demands.


Pak Suzuki’s sales figures in May 2024, though modest compared to Honda’s, underscore the brand’s ability to maintain a strong and loyal fan base. The premium pricing and focus on quality and performance differentiate Suzuki in a crowded market. While Honda’s dominance is unquestionable, Suzuki’s strategic positioning and loyal customer base highlight its unique value proposition. As the market evolves, Pak Suzuki’s commitment to innovation and quality will be key to sustaining its success and expanding its footprint in Pakistan’s motorcycle industry.

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