This YB125ZDX looks same as YBR 125!

You thought it was a Yamaha YBR 125? No it is actually a Yamaha YB125Z DX which is modified with the front headlight beam and visor of Yamaha YBR 125. Don’t you think Yamaha should launch another variant of it’s YBR series in Pakistan?

YBR125 to YB125ZDX:

Yamaha YBR125 was launched in 2015, at that time it was a new and sporty motorcycle for Pakistan.It was available in 4 different colors and all the boys were in love with YBR125.

later down the road, Yamaha launched it’s second variant with new graphics and mechanical changes, the issues of missing and bog down were gone. YBR now had a sound note too.

This variant was followed by another variant with only graphic updates. On the other hand, Yamaha also launched YBRG and YBZ. Yamaha later added YB125ZDX which is a more premium version of YB125Z with alloy wheels and hydraulic front disc set up.

The YBZ DX looks sober but many people install YBR 125 headlight to make it more sporty. The parts are bolt to bolt fit with out any major alterations required. The end result is a sporty looking commuter motorcycle.

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YB125Z DX is one smooth motorcycle, it’s ride quality is plush and it has a good road presence. No wonder Yamaha may launch an actual variant YBR125DX soon.Afterall they are all 125cc motorcycles (YBR series). Though the gear shift pattern is different on YB125Z and YB125Z DX which is regular gearshift pattern.The current price on YB125Z DX is 315k where as YBR125 is for 330k. They are also available on installments.

Mechanically the parts are interchangeable too. One can use basic parts across all Yamaha motorcycles. Now after local production, spare parts are available easily and are much affordable to purchase. The spare parts are also available in different qualities from local to imported and original.

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