Suzuki GSX125

Suzuki GSX125, Ride & Review

The 125 cc motorcycle category is the most fun category. It is the most going motorcycle category year after year. The expansion and growth in this segment are so crazy that it made Suzuki discontinue their GS150SE and launch this, Suzuki GSX125. It’s been a long time coming but finally today we have got our hands on the new Suzuki GSX125, let’s see if it is really worth it or not!

Let us talk about the design of the Suzuki GSX125, to be honest, it’s fresh and different. Usually, Suzuki motorcycles are big and bulky but this time, they have made a compact motorcycle look bike. The headlight on the front is big and bright, this makes it look like at least a 250cc motorcycle from the front. The indicators are also bright and of good quality. The front fender also looks sporty in shape and telescopic front forks look sturdy. As per the manual, the front suspension travel is also decent and soaks the bumps nicely. There is a disc set up at the front and the multi-spoke alloy rims with tubeless tyres, this is something new for us in Pakistan.

SUZUKI GSX125 Ride & Review
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Coming to the side, the fuel tank is big and muscular with a sporty fuel cap. The instrumental cluster is analog though, a semi-analog one would have looked much better. The handlebar is an aluminum raised clip-on style handle with good-quality toggle switches and bar end weights. Overall the quality of the Suzuki GSX125 is very impressive. On the side, we also get a plastic panel that looks like a metal chassis but it’s not. The side cover is integrated well. We have an up-swept exhaust and red color rear suspension. The rear tyre is also a multi-spoke alloy with tubeless tyres and a drum brake setup. The seat is a single unit and comfortable, the rear passenger has foot pegs and grab handles to hold on to when the rider is blistering through top speeds and the tail end is sporty with a stylish crystal tail lamp inside a cowling.

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Coming to the other side it gets a half chain cover, slightly sporty foot pegs and there is no kick-starter! These were the few highlights of this motorcycle when it was launched a few months back. The design is stylish, sporty, and aggressive. Quality is very good because it’s a CKD. But what’s with the engine and other technical bits? Let’s check those out.

.So this is the heart of the beast, a 124cc single-cylinder OHC engine that makes around 10.5 hp. Unlike Yamaha it’s not a square engine (same bore and stroke) in fact it’s like Honda and it is over square engine (big bore as compared to stroke) When square engines are smooth and calm, they shine on the long route but over the square engine is for sprints, it’s for riding quickly within the city because this is what one needs while city rides. It has better pick-up as compared to a square engine. Though there is a bad part, vibrations come as standard with Over square engine. I think this is the time to hear how Suzuki GSX125 sounds and if it vibrates or not.

Suzuki GSX125

Now, you have seen it yourself. This is what Suzuki GSX125 is offering if you are too worried about vibrations. But the true taste of the pudding is in eating so let us ride. Honestly, It is not a smooth motorcycle and if you know Suzuki, you must know that they are known for smooth motorcycles. The GSX125 does vibrate, though they are not felt up to 60kmph speeds. Anything above that makes you feel that yes it’s an engine without a balancer. On the other hand, the ride quality, and product quality are spot on. Tyres are nice and the seat is super soft. The suspension, braking everything seems spot on!

GSX125 Ride

This also brings us to the most important price which is the price. If you want to take GSX125 home you must have some deep pockets because it is the most expensive 125cc in Pakistan. The GSX125 costs 359,000 rupees which are high. But the Suzuki Installment plan is what makes it attractive. Though Suzuki is charging more on account of so-called processing fees and file charges. I think they should not take the extra 20,000 on top of 359,000 rupees.

If you ask me, GSX125 is a fair enough motorcycle. Though there are some shortcomings it is not that bad. I agree it has vibrations but it is not like CG125, it’s more like a GS150 type. This is my opinion about Suzuki GSX125 it’s a nice, good quality but an expensive motorcycle. Spare parts and accessories should not be a problem too. If Suzuki is bringing bikes, they must be bringing the spare parts too. Though they need to be more affordable. If you want me to tell which 125cc you should go for among Yamaha YBR, Honda CB125F, and Suzuki GSX125 stay tuned for the next videos because they will follow soon.

Suzuki GSX125

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