Summer related mechanical issues

Summer-related Mechanical Issues and Their Solutions

The summer season is not difficult for living beings but it’s also tough for machines. There are many mechanical issues that only occur in summer due to excessive heat. Usually, the owners also neglect basic maintenance and this causes major issues later on. Let’s have a look at Summer related mechanical issues and their solutions.

Summer related mechanical issues

Engine Heat Up:

Small air-cooled engines heat up more in summer as compared to winter. The main reason is using the wrong grade engine oil. In winter, thin oil works as the outside temperatures are not higher. When Thin oil is used in summer, it wears outs quicker, motorcycle tends to heat up and burn oil. Also, the clutch starts to slip and wear out clutch plates in many cases. The remedy to this issue is using the correct grade engine oil. Also getting your engine tuned before summer also helps. Clean fluids help in having a better engine.

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Electrical Issues:

Electrical Issues also tend to increase in the summer season. The best action is to get the battery acid level checked and topped up if required. Any loose connections should be inspected and taped up. Also switching to a colder spark plug is beneficial for summer riding. This helps in keeping the temperature down and less resistance is faced while passing the current.

Bald & Old Tyres:

The bald & old tyres are more easily o get punctured in hot summer weather as compared to winters. The tyres get even softer and start getting punctured easily. Getting a new set of strong 8 Ply tyres will help you in riding without any tension of being punctured at all. Now there are plenty of patterns to choose from. Our recommendations are new 8ply tyre designs from Panther Tyres.

These three small details will keep you, your motorcycle and your wallet safe n sound through the harsh summer season!

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