SIGMA Motorsports about to launch a CAR!

SIGMA Motorsports Lahore are pioneers in bringing sports bikes to masses, back in the day Sigma Motorsports gained popularity by launching chinese replicas of super bikes from China and selling them in Pakistan, surprisingly enough they gained popularity and now they are a reputed brand.

Sigma Motorsports are now bringing good quality motorcycles from China like TARO, the brand Valentino and gladiator are very popular because of their looks and performance too but recently on their Facebook page SIGMA motorsports shared that they are bringing a car to Pakistan!

The car is said to be best of both worlds, its not only gasoline and ev, its solar powered as well. This makes it very unique and one of a kind product. Not much info is available on this product but hopefully when it arrives it will be a good one, according to sources the launch of this car won’t be long and can be expected next week.

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