SHOULD YOU BUY CB150F in 2021?

Motorcycle prices in Pakistan are through the roof these days, Honda CB150F now costs 252,000 rupees. Is it still worth to buy in 2021? Lets find out.

The Pros:

HONDA CB150F is one of the most smooth riding Honda motorcycles in Pakistan. This machine gets 150cc Over head cam shaft based engine which is smooth and mated to 5speed return shift gear box.

CB150F has the looks and almost every possible feature available in local 150cc motorcycles.

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The Cons:

CB150F is expensive, it has a poor parts availability and that too on Honda Dealerships at times. Its parts are also expensive and can be a trouble to find at times.



If you’re looking to ride few thousand kilometers a year and don’t bother any of the cons, CB150F is ideal for you other wise stay away!


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