RoadKing Electric Motorcycles launches 2022 variants

RoadKing Motorcycles is another local motorcycle manufacturing firm based out of Faisalabad Pakistan. Recently they shared photos of their 2022 variants, the new Electric bikes along with their regular motorcycles on their Facebook page. Legend Pakistani Cricketer Abdul Razzaq also visited them and showed interest in the product.

Legend Cricikiter Abdul Razzaq visits RoadKing Motorcycles
Legend Cricketer Abdul Razzaq visits RoadKing Motorcycles

The official launch is due on 25th March 2022 and the event will be showcased on the social media platforms, however some details have been shared with us and we will like to share them with you guys. The RoadKing Electric bikes are available in two variants, One is available with the premium Lithium Ion Batteries and other is available with the normal Lead Batteries (Dry).

Legend Cricikiter Abdul Razzaq visits RoadKing Motorcycles
Legend Cricikiter Abdul Razzaq visits RoadKing Motorcycles

The Lithium Ion variant is available with the sticker price of RS 132,000 and the regular dry battery variant is available for RS 102,000. The company claims 100 kms range in one charge and it usually takes 8 hours to charge. The motorcycles seem in better build quality than of the Jolta and come with more range of kilometers.

The RoadKing Electric Bikes need to develop an eco system where they can really flourish their electric bikes and also provide easy installment plans for people to purchase them. Lets see what the future holds for them and when we et a chance to cover their motorcycles.


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    I have a question why manufacturers didnot change this old and boring design on new models 70cc even electric bikes,in all over the world has new design but not in pakistan .

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