Road Prince & YADEA

Road Prince & Yadea Will Make EV Bikes In Pakistan!

Yadea, the world’s leading electric bike manufacturer, is pleased to announce a revolutionary collaboration with Eiffel Industries Limited (Road Prince) to manufacture and market Yadea electric motorcycles in Pakistan under the name “YADEA.” This exciting collaboration intends to offer environmentally sustainable and innovative electric mobility solutions to the Pakistani consumer market, transforming the two-wheel industry and dramatically lowering consumer travel costs. Let’s find out more about Road Prince & Yadea collaboration.

Yadea, a company famous for its dedication to cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly transportation, is poised to have a big impact on Pakistani consumers’ lives by offering a practical substitute for conventional gasoline-powered cars.

Road Prince & YADEA

The electric bikes offered by this company are made to provide a very effective and affordable means of transportation. Rechargeable battery-powered electric motorcycles have the particular advantage of being very cost-effective to operate. Compared to the price of fuel, the electricity needed to charge these bikes is much less expensive. This translates into significant transportation cost savings for Pakistani consumers.

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Yadea and Eiffel Industries Limited (Road Prince) have partnered to realize the dream of electric mobility. Together, they want to create a modern 3S (Sales, Service, and Spare Parts) dealership network all throughout Pakistan, making it simple to purchase one of Yadea’s electric motorcycles and offering first-rate customer support. These dealerships will act as knowledge centers and provide a wide selection of electric bike models to meet the various requirements of Pakistani riders.

To further ensure consumer satisfaction, every Yadea electric bike purchased through this cooperation will come with a comprehensive 24-month warranty. This drive to dependability and quality underlines Yadea and Eiffel Industries Limited’s goal to giving clients peace of mind while providing a superior riding experience.

The two-wheel market in Pakistan is about to undergo a change because to a partnership between Yadea and Eiffel Industries Limited (Road Prince). We extend an open invitation to all enthusiasts, environmentally concerned riders, and money-conscious people to join us in this exciting transition towards a more lasting, economical, and environmentally responsible future. What do you think of this Road Prince & Yadea collaboration? Let us know in the comments.

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