Petrol & Diesel

Petroleum prices increased in Pakistan Overnight!

Pakistan is amongst the largest exporters of fossil fuels. It has plenty of automobiles on the road and the Electric Vehicles are very few. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, OGRA is the governing body that regulates the fuel prices in Pakistan after every 15 days. This time however the situation is different. Petroleum prices increased in Pakistan overnight and this is what we know so far.

Petrol & Diesel

The caretaker government increased fuel prices in Pakistan yesterday overnight. This increase in prices is directly affecting millions of Pakistani commuters who use low-capacity motorcycles for daily commutes. The fuel prices have been increased by 17.50 rupees for Petrol making it 290.45 per liter and 20 for diesel making it 293.40 rupees per liter.

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Previously, Caretaker governments were not involved in increasing or decreasing the prices of products in Pakistan. This time, however, the finance division states that because of the increase in international fuel prices, this change was a must. The finance division also shared an official notification stating the new prices as under:

New fuel prices in Pakistan

The average Pakistani is already facing a hard time. He is having difficulties in making both ends meet due to increase in petroleum prices. The prices of basic necessities of life are all-time high. In this scenario, a hike in fuel prices is a brutal blow. What do you think of this, do let us know in the comments below!

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