New Motorcycle prices in Pakistan July 2020 update

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transport in every developing country because they are affordable to purchase maintain and use on daily basis. In Pakistan motorcycles are also enjoying such a status. Sadly due to the recent market economic conditions and pandemic situation the motorcycle prices were increased and new prices were implemented on 1st July 2020.
Pakistan’s motorcycle industry is dominated by Big Three, the 3 Japanese firms Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are enjoying a large number of market share in premium motorcycles where as the lower income level people go for chinese or locally manufactured motorcycles which are affordable but have compromised quality.Both Japanese and Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have increased their prices recently.
Suzuki is a brand which is known for its cars but they are also selling motorcycles from 110cc to 150cc. Suzuki has increased a sum of 3,000 rupees on its products. The new prices are as follows.
Suzuki GS150 185,000
Suzuki GS150 SE 202,000
Suzuki GD110S 175,000
Suzuki GR150 279,000

Yamaha has increased the prices of its motorcycles up to 6,000 rupees

Yamaha YBR125 169,000
Yamaha YBR125G 178,000
Yamaha YB125Z 151,000

Honda has also increased its prices by 10,000 on its premium 125 and 20,000 on its 150cc motorcycles.

Honda CD70 76,900
Honda CD Dream 82,500
Honda Pridor 107.500
Honda CG125 128,900
Honda CG125SE 152,900
HONDA CB125F 185,500
HONDA CB125SE 187,500
HONDA CB150F 239,000

These price hikes were strongly opposed by the young buyers and regular customers because now the people’s mobility is turning into a piece of luxury for most of the people!

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