New Asia Lanches 2 Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are very popular among Gen Z automobile enthusiasts in Pakistan. Many companies are now striving to get involved in the electric scooter market and enjoy the premium. With the increasing petrol prices and other overheads, currently electric scooter seems to be the ultimate solution for commuting needs. Recently, New Asia also launched 2 electric scooters. Nothing much about them is available in the market but here is what we know so far!

New Asia e scooter walk around
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New Asia is Pakistan’s most popular rickshaw/tuk-tuk manufacturer. As the rickshaw is heavily based on a scooter platform, developing a scooter comes naturally. In the Pakistan AutoShow 2022, New Asia launched their Ramza Scooters which were very similar to Vespa. They also had electric versions of Ramza and they had plans to launch them in Pakistan.

New Asia E Scooter

The scooters in discussion today seem to be a CBU import from China. These generic electric scooters are similar to the scooters launched by Road Prince in the past (ZEUS). No technical information is shared about the New Asia Scooters. They seem to be similar which is good in terms of maintenance and affordability later on.

Ramza Scooters
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No detail about the price of these scooters is shared either by New Asia or their dealers. It is estimated to be priced at around 260,000 rupees. The scooter seems to have a 1000-watt motor and is available with dry acid batteries set up. For more details, we are trying to contact New Asia. Let’s see how they respond!

On the other hand, there are plenty of electric scooters on offer in the Pakistani market. They are available from different power outputs to different battery types. The majority of them are Chinese imported and sold in Pakistan. Electric vehicles are the future of mobility worldwide, let us see when it becomes a norm in Pakistan.

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