Metro T9 Electric Scooter launching in 2023

Metro, a local motorcycle manufacturing brand from Pakistan is all set to launch its new scooter series. Metro is now stepping into the electric vehicle arena with its T9 Electric scooters. Metro is also going to launch more electric vehicles in the future. Let us see what is new and innovative in the Metro T9 Electric scooter.

Metro T9 Electric Scooter Design:

The biggest disappointment from local motorcycle manufacturing companies is the outdated design but not this time. Metro T9 looks epic with its cutting-edge shape and design. On the front, it has a sleek fascia with integrated headlamps. The body is aerodynamic and futuristic to look from the front. From the side profile, it also looks new and fresh. It has accommodating seating with ample legroom. The floor is lowered which helps with getting on and off the scooter easily.

Metro T9 Electric Scooter

Metro T9 Electric Scooter Specs:

Specs-wise the T9 is a fresh machine, though it is not a localized product, it looks like a quality one though. The T9 is powered by a 600watts brushless waterproof motor and it provides a range of 105 kilometers on a single charge. The charging takes 4 to 5 hours and has 60V 38AH battery power. The battery and motor have 18 months warranty and they are known to last for 3-4 years or 1000 charging cycles. It has telescopic front forks which are designed to make its ride comfortable and has swing arm suspension with dual shocks on the back. The tyres look 10 or 12 inches but they will do the job well.

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Metro T9 Battery Type, Graphene Battery:

Metro has introduced the Graphene batteries in T9. Graphene batteries are quickly taking over lithium-ion batteries and Graphene sodium-ion and graphene aluminum-ion batteries can potentially replace lithium-ion batteries as they are much cheaper and easier to recycle, and sodium and aluminum are more abundant in nature compared to lithium. Graphene Batteries are also known to charge quicker and be more effective. They are also maintenance-free and dry.

METRO T9 Electric Scooter

Metro T9 Range & Top Speed:

The range on T9 is an impressive 105 kilometers but the top speed seems a bit compromised. The company claims the top speed to be around 40 kilometers per hour which are not enough and needs to be improved. The speed should be around 60 kilometers per hour. This way it will be a much more versatile electric scooter in Pakistan. Metro should also launch different levels i.e more powerful motors with more range. Metro claims that T9 takes 70 rupees to charge and travel 105 kilometers.


Tentative Price:

It’s time to address elephant in the room, Considering the fact that T9 is a high-quality imported Electric Scooter its price should be someway around 300,000 to 350,000 rupees. At this price point, sales will not be easy. Metro will need to develop some installment plans for its targeted audience which are females who have urban mobility issues. For this application, T9 is an excellent product. We will try to get our hands on this T9 Scooter once it is launched and share our opinion about it.

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