Jolta Electric launches new Ebikes

They are equal to 70 and 100cc petrol powered motorcycles

Jolta Electric has an image of innovative, up coming E bike manufacturing firm of Pakistan. To keep their Ebikes simple and acceptable to general public, they have used chassis of a 70cc motorcycle. It also helped them to keep the costs low.

Early models were based on very basic technicalities. Jolta Electric claims to have changed that and launched two new variants which have lithium ion batteries and improved technology.

Jolta Electric has undoubtedly done a different yet innovative debut but it feels like they’re now becoming more of a local company which is not working so much on the innovative side (specifically talking about the shape and frame)

Jolta Electric

These Ebikes are available for purchase through Jolta Electric. The small (70cc) Ebikes costs around 130k while the other (100cc) costs around 150k. The Ebikes, if they want to succeed should be cost effective so they can really make a difference.

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