Issues of Honda CB150F

Honda Atlas launched CB150F back in around 2015 to 2016 and decided to compete with Yamaha YBR’s. The CB150F was initially imported as CBU from Sundiro Honda Factory in China. Even now , the bike is imported as Semi knocked down unit and it’s assembled here in Pakistan but there are some short comings.

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01. Expensive Spare Parts:

Honda CB150F has very expensive Spare parts, if god forbid you need a front visor or air scoop it’s going to cost a fortune.

02.Lack of Spare Parts Availability:

Not only the spare parts of CB150F are expensive, they’re also not readily available most of the times.Specially in smaller cities this issue is usually seen.

03.Engine Smoke Issue:

Initially the bike was sold with 20w 50 engine oil, which was causing smoke issues in some of the units. This issue was later resolved by using 10w 40 engine oil but still exists in many units.

04. Need for better tyres:

Even though CB150F has decent quality tyres but they can be improved further.With better tyres it can do wonders.

05.Lack of Company Support:

Honda gets it’s majority share from rural markets but the CB150F is targeted towards modern customers. The company should make an official riding club to promote motorcycle riding culture in Pakistan.

These were some of the minute details which we could nitpick about CB150F, do let us know what you think about this motorcycle.

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