How to start a flooded motorcycle

This monsoon season has been crazy, Rain has been dropping like crazy and our cities were under urban flooding. Many motorcycles have been flooded and users have been troubleshooting but no luck.

A flooded motorcycle doesn’t mean it will never run again, the flooded motorcycle can be restored and it will perform even better than before. There are some tips to recover your flooded motorcycle.

First of all drain it’s engine oil. The engine oil when mixed with water becomes sludge and damages the engine. Drain the contaminated oil and let it drip out completely. Fill engine with fresh new oil and change it under 300 kms.

Drain the fuel tank too, water creates rust and contaminated fuel will not only start your machine, it will also damage the entire fuel system.

Dry the electrical components before starting, the battery, fuses and spark plug should ideally be replaced and then bike should be started but changing the spark plug is must, wiring may be dried and used again.

These three simple steps will ensure your flooded vehicle starts and runs again. We hope you’re safe in these monsoon rains.

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