HONDA CD100 Modified
HONDA CD100 Modified


Honda CD100 Modified

A motorcycle with a lot of modifications and changes

Honda Atlas had launched its CD100 back in mid 2000’s to compete against Yamaha’s 100 cc motorcycles. Though Honda had never a good luck in 100cc when Yamaha was around but the CD100 was nothing short of a decent commuter motorcycle. Great suspension, good road grip and handling were some of the key elements which made this motorcycle a champ. The 100cc engine was one smooth unit which offered exceptional fuel efficiency for that time.

HONDA CD100 Modified
HONDA CD100 Modified

All of these features wrapped up in a double cradle frame and 18 inch tyres meant this motorcycle had a lot of potential but people were always too choosy to get a 100cc motorcycle for a modification. Recently a young motorcycle customization expert from Lahore Pakistan has modified Honda CD100 in to a scrambler for his clients. The motorcycle has an all black fully murdered out looks and its hard to believe that its just a 100cc bike.

This modification started with getting an automatic(gear less and clutch less) engine and than building bike around it. The engine was compatible in Honda CD100 so they got the bike afterwards. The front suspension was kept stock because it was adequate enough to handle the changes, the rear was converted in to a mono shock and a Honda trail suspension was used for that. The extra frame was trimmed and a cafe brat style seat loop was added to finish off the things.

HONDA CD100 Modified
HONDA CD100 Modified

The most interesting part is front head lamp, probably thats what makes this bike look so different is that headlight. It belongs to an unknown retro motorcycle but serves the purpose. The motorcycle has so much to share that its even more easy to go through it in our video series at our You tube channel.

Do let us know what you think of this build!

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