Carfirst and honda pakistan representatives shaking hands with each other

Honda Cars signs MOU with Car First

2019 as a year has not been very kind with the automobile manufacturers and we have seen a recent decline in Car sales and increase in prices of automobiles be it 2 or 4 wheeler.Many companies had slowed their production rate and tried to maintain their overheads but it is getting difficult day by day.

Atlas Honda Cars are considered to be in premium segment and people tend to buy these cars as a symbol of status and luxury. They had faced a rough sales graph and declining sales figures this year.

Atlas Honda Cars has signed a M.O.U with Car First ( An online vehicle trading program) where people can bring in any old car of any brand and drive away in a new Honda car by paying the differences.

There was a situation when cars were sold on a thefty amount of OWN money, now the tables have turned and the manufacturers are having a hard time maintaining their sales and profits.Atlas Honda Motorcycle unit was also not seen in BTL marketing activities but now they are seen very activated and conducting BTL activities.

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