evee C1

evee C1 launched in Pakistan

EVs and alternative fuel vehicles are trending in Pakistan these days. Recently we got to review a few EV scooters. Today we are here to share the launch of another electric scooter. A Lahore-based new start-up has recently launched their EV Scooter which they call evee C1. Let us show you around the C1 and what it offers.

Design of evee C1:

Design-wise, C1 looks fresh and unique. The looks are distinctive and from a distance, it will clearly say that it’s an EV because of the front facia design. As all scooters are based on VESPA, it also has a low floor board with an upright seating posture. The handlebars are also adequate and wider for easy riding. The EV also gets different toggle switches in its assemblies and a digital screen as a speedometer which has a ton of information to display. The design philosophy continues on the sides and rear end. Looks wise it is a well-balanced EV and it is done just right.

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Specifications of evee C1:

Though the manufacturer has not shared much information, the evee C1 gets a 1200-watt motor and 60v20Ah dry lead acid batteries set up. Though lead acid batteries are not impressive in EVs but this is a matter of function over form. To keep things in an affordable range lead acid batteries are used. These batteries come with a charging range of 550 charging cycles and take 5-6 hours to charge. These batteries provide a range of 50-60 km with a top speed of 50kmph.

evee C1

The front suspension is a telescopic front end and the rear gets swing arm-based shocks. The hub motor is strong enough to pull loads up to 150kgs.

Price of evee C1:

Though this information is not shared over the internet by the company yet but it is a safe guess that this evee C1 will be costed around 300,000 rupees. This price is on the higher side but as the dollar is on a free roll these days, this price may tend to go up.

We are trying to get one of the evee C1 for a test ride and share everything about it in a vlog with all of you!

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