Essentials for 1 day trip

Give man a bike and he will ride 100 kms to eat , that is what biker mentality is. Bikers always want an excuse to ride. Today we will share some essentials which will make your ride memorable.

Riding Gears:

Nothing is better than a safe ride, riding gears ensure your safety and make you look cool as well. A riding jacket is icing on the cake but elbow guards, knee guards and gloves are a must.

Action Camera:

To make events into memories videos are a great tool these days. Action cams help in recording moments and turning them to memories.

Motorcycle Accessories:

A well equipped machine always helps in making journey easy . The auxiliary lights, chargers help to illuminate dark roads and charge the gadgets on the go .

These things were sought after as luxuries but now they’re becoming a necessity .

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