DYL Motorcycles once was Dawood Yamaha Limited in Pakistan (A joint venture of Dawood Group and Yamaha Motor Co.) in year 2012 the DYL became Dawood Younas Limited and started manufacturing 70,100 and 125cc motorcycles in Pakistan. DYL YD125 Sports was their offering to Pakistani youth back in 2013 for around 95,000 rupees but it failed badly.


The YD125 Sports was a chinese origin Honda CG125 clone with Honda CG125 like OHV engine and frame. The styling however was different and company tried to give many things at once which made the motorcycle look ugly in my opinion. It had a big head light , a sporty fuel tank but the bike was very compact and it never looked proportionate in my opinion.

There were more things other than the styling and looks, though the engine and all other mechanical bits were alright but the dealers knew that DYL is a sinking ship now. No one wanted to invest in the company and the YD125  Sports quickly got the name of China ka Honda 125 and this damaged the reputation of bike badly.

Less sales, less interest of dealer ships and lack of marketing were common factors which contributed in making DYL YD125 Sports the most flop motorcycle of Pakistan. Not to mention DYL really started sinking and eventually went bankrupt in 2015. Though the company is still trying to comeback but no one has ever seen a dead horse walking!

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