DYL Mini 100, Another Flop Bike of Pakistan

Usually many people think of upgrading the engine of their motorcycles. Some fantasize that it will make a great motorcycle but thats not what actually happens. DYL Motorcycles had tried doing this and they failed miserably in it. DYL MINI 100 is one such motorcycle.


In the ending days of DYL Motorcycles, they decided to do another experiment. The engineers at DYL installed Yamaha Junoon’s 100cc engine in frame of DYL 70cc with some alterations. This contraption was called MINI 100. Company was thinking of making the best of both worlds but it failed.

The biggest reason was excessive vibrations, a 70cc frame was not capable enough of handling the vibrations and the ride was not smooth at all. Though the engine was a 105 cc OHV based mill but still its vibrations made the ride uncomfortable.


On top of that the company decided to restyle the bike a little, It had rounded fenders and different headlight. People didn’t buy this idea and MINI100 failed to develop a mark on public. The motorcycle became last nail in the coffin and took the sinking ship down with itself!

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