Disability is no barrier to earn an honest living!

Very often we come across a person who truly inspires us, Today while scrolling the internet we came across Mr. Sohail from Karachi who is an example of showing that Disability is no barrier to earn an honest living! Sohail used to work in a factory where he lost his arm in an accident during work. Sohail could opt for begging and becoming a dependent person but he chose to make a difference.

Sohail said he wanted to prove that disability is not an impediment to earning an honest living. “My parents had always taught me that we should never beg. My father once said no matter if you earn Rs100 in the whole day, we will mange but never ask for money,” he added.
Speaking about his past, Sohail said he lost his hands in a Press Machine when He works 10 to 12 hours a day delivering food to customers.
According to Sohail, the citizens always appreciate him for his work. “No matter how much traffic there is, by the grace of Allah I easily ride the motorcycle”, he pointed out.
He also wanted to change the perception that disabled people can’t work. For Sohail, it all depends on one’s will. “If you are hardworking person, you will see what a difference it makes,”
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