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Crown Motorcycles To Manufacture EV’s Now!

Crown Motorcycles, A reputed local motorcycle manufacturer from Pakistan is now stepping into the EV lineup. Crown Motorcycles will now manufacture Electric Motorcycles and Electric 3 Wheelers in collaboration with a Chinese EV Manufacturer. This is what we know so far.

As the dollar rate and fuel prices started to climb in the last couple of years, the commuter is facing a hard time. The motorcycles are becoming expensive and maintaining them is also becoming an issue. Motorcyclists are looking for an affordable alternative. That’s where the Electric Vehicles step in. Initially, they were imported but now a CBU import does not make financial sense.

Crown Motorcycles

CROWN Motorcycles is going to manufacture and assemble Electric 2 and 3-wheelers in Pakistan locally with the help of their Chinese partner. Chinese electric car maker Benling Group, Chinese battery producer Dongjin Group, and Pakistani auto business Crown Group created the JV to bring electric mobility solutions to Pakistan. Urban mobility in Pakistan is mainly done by motorcycles or 3-wheelers. Developing them locally will help in increasing employment, providing better and affordable alternative vehicles, and lowering emission norms.

The production will begin soon at the newly acquired plant in Karachi. The initial batch of items will be imported into Pakistan for reverse engineering and studying. Hopefully, the local manufacturing will be up to the standards and will be worth buying!

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The automobile industry of Pakistan is in hot waters and needs some serious care. The manufacturers need to have some tax relaxations while they should also start local manufacturing to keep the cost low.

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