Can Petrol become 100 rupees cheaper in Pakistan?

Can Petrol become 100 rupees cheaper?

As soon as Russian petrol has reached Pakistan, there is a huge discussion going on about the price of cheaper fuel. Many people think that Russian fuel is much cheaper and that the benefit of discounts should be passed down to the end consumers. Can petrol become 100 rupees cheaper? Let’s find out.

In an interview with Voice of America, Mr Ahsan Iqbal Minister for Planning, development and Special Initiatives shared his opinion on this matter too. According to Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, the immediate impact is not feasible, keeping the economic conditions of Pakistan in view. He added that when Pakistan will start importing Russian Fuel in a larger quantities than we can expect a noticeable difference in prices.

Can Petrol become 100 rupees cheaper in Pakistan?

The main aim behind importing Russian fuel to Pakistan is to use it locally. In Pakistan, the majority of motorcyclists use low-powered motorcycles. They can work on relatively lower-quality fuel and still work fine. The government intended to save foreign reserves by importing such fuel and utilizing it locally.

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Also, Russia being a new player in the oil industry is offering petrol at attractive rates. Considering Pakistan’s economic conditions the savings are vital. Earlier Pakistan was using gulf petrol for all of its needs. Very few percentages of petrol were available locally. Now the government plans to shift 18-20% of its petroleum needs to Russian crude oil. Let’s hope it turns out to be the best for both nations and as far as the question is concerned, No, the fuel prices are not going down and petrol is not becoming 100 rupees cheaper!

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