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Zxmco’s KPR 200 v/s Power Sultan 250

Local motorcycle industry of Pakistan is usually blamed to have small capacity motorcycles only but couple of years back things were pretty hot in here. They were launching Chinese sports bikes re branded and assembled in Pakistan. That meant affordable beginners sports bike for general audience.

Zxmco was the first one who launched LIFAN KPR by the name of CRUISE 200. It was a 200cc Efi machine which packed a real punch. 6speed gear box and 17 HP, along with a price tag of 245k initially KPR was loved.

Power Sultan was launched after success of LEO 200. This motorcycle was actually LONCIN GP250. It also had 17.7 HP but a carb based engine, its also air and oil cooled rather than water cooled.it was launched initially around 300k price tag.

Specs wise Zxmco seems a better contender but it calls for a proper shootout video which will follow soon.

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