3 Bikes to get under 1 lac rupees

If you’re looking for a cheap and fun to ride motorcycle, than look no further because today we will be sharing our top three cheap and fun motorcycles with you. In today’s economy even a 70cc bike costs more than 1 lac rupees but our top picks are going to be under that 1 lac rupees mark.

The motorcycles on our list are 125cc OHV engine based modern classics. They were available few years ago but not now. If you’re wondering what you will do about parts and accessories than do not worry. These motorcycles have plenty of spares available in the market due to shared engine types.

  • Ravi Piaggio Storm 125: The number 01 Motorcycle on our list is Ravi Piaggio Storm 125, This modern classic really shook the market back in the day with its looks and performance. The 125cc 5 speed engine with looks of a big bike made a great impression on many young riders and people choose this motorcycle over many others. This motorcycle should easily be available in 85 to 95 thousand rupees in decent condition.

  • Atlas Honda CG125 Deluxe: The next motorcycle on our list is Atlas Honda CG125 Deluxe, Launched back in the 2006 it was available in a 4speed version which was later upgraded to a 5 speed one. This bike had decent looks and a good fan following. Also it was very popular for engine swaps due to many bolt on engines and good space for modifications. Discontinued in 2015 ,2016 a decent bike should be available under 1 lac rupees de[ending upon condition and model.

  • Atlas Honda’s CG125 Dream: The last motorcycle is rather a unicorn, its Honda’s CG125 Dream, which is basically Honda CG125 Classic with some new styling and better front suspension but it failed to make a mark on its audience. This is perfect candidate for any mod job , café racer or brat style modification. Being an out of market bike, it should be available around 80 thousand to  1 lac rupees easily.

These are our few picks for you and we hope that if you’re looking to buy affordable options under 1 lac rupees, you should get one of these!

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