2019 Suzuki GR150 Review

Today we have a main player of Pakistan’s motor industry, who is not familiar with the name SUZUKI, its like an identity when it comes to Pakistani auto scene? The bikes in question is Suzuki GR150 the modern 150cc from Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.

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Lets start with the house of 150’s, Suzuki seems obsessed with 150cc motorcycles, they started off with gs 150, than gs150 se, than gr`150 and gixxer 150 sf. Suzuki GS150 has earned a reputation for reliable and powerful engine and its widely used by the tourer persons in Pakistan but there was nothing much to offer other than powerful and reliable engine, That bike had paint and chrome quality issues also the electrical system was known for failures and road grip wasn’t great either due to skinny rear tire. Suzuki introduced GR150 few years back and tried to cover all of these loopholes.

The GR150 is a global model from Suzuki that means this motorcycle is in production around the globe with some very minute changes which vary from region to region. This motorcycle is developed in PRC which sadly isn’t considered to be a good thing in Pakistan but I can assure you that there isn’t a single motorcycle offered on sale which isn’t produced with out help of PRC. They re leading due to their economy of scales and work culture.

GR150 is a premium 150cc from Suzuki, its quality speaks of its self no matter you compare its fit n finish, paint quality and chrome quality it always stands out. The 1st thing which will grab your attention is the styling which is way more enhanced than its elder brother GS150. The GR150 has a very beautiful front end, a headlamp incorporated in cowling with a nicely designed front fender. The instrumental panel is easy to read and has plenty of information to share. The handle bars and switch gear assembly feels sturdy and well built but it misses engine kill switch which was always present in every Suzuki bike.

The fuel tank is chiselled but not that much, still it can hold up to 12.5L of fuel. Motorcycle is long and looks a lot lowered than other options available in the market. The seat is well padded and has a luggage carrier at the tail. The over all styling of the motorcycle is very mature and simple. There is no funky element in the machine and it looks very decent.

The GR150 reveals its true colours when one would ride it, this machine is like a trump card which is shown to steal the show. The ride quality is like the smoothest I ever felt and the incredible thing is suspension travel. The 120 mm front and 100 mm rear suspension soaks bumps easily, the tire combination of 2.75 18 and 90/90 18 seems decent for the job and breaking is also up to the mark. GR150 returns a real word mileage of 35kmpl because it comes with slide carb which isn’t fuel efficient as much as CV type.

There are many good things with GR150 like smooth ride, digital gear indicator and fuel gauge but the scarcity of trained mechanics and spare parts are bad things associated with this nice machine. The unavailability of Genuine spare parts and Mechanic leaves a bad mark on the reputation of motorcycle and it can damage the sales figure as well. Specially when a customer will pay 259k for a bike and will find issues, he won’t be happy at all.

I see a lot of potential in this machine and if the parts and mechanic availability is easy and accessible, it can be one good selling premium 150cc motorcycle.

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