Yamaha YBR150

Yamaha has launched its sporty 125’s in Pakistan 7 years ago. People are still waiting and anticipating their 150 cc motorcycle.Market had many rumored that Yamaha is bringing it’s YBR150 but it never did.

There are many reasons to that. First and foremost is going to be high price. The motorcycle will only be locally assembled here. This will cost a huge amount and it will be costly.Price is estimated to be more than 5lacs.

Second reason is niche  150cc market, every company wants to play in an open market and generate a lot of sales by selling more products at a decent rate rather than few products on a higher rate.

Other than these reasons the motorcycle market has already many Chinese 150cc options. So making the market would be a lil tough but company is not willing to bring in more motorcycles as of now!

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