Yamaha YBR125G

Yamaha YBR125G is the motorcycle which started it all, This is a statement which many may find true and many may find wrong but this is what it is.Anyone who is looking to start adventure touring in Pakistan considers Yamaha YBR125G as the best adventure motorcycle.


The looks of Yamaha YBR125G are unmistakenly macho and rugged, it looks very aggressive and has many small features which are useful in touring.

YBR125G is Pakistan’s first bike with dual purpose tyres for better grip,it has high mounted front fender which not only looks macho but tells everyone that you mean business. It has fuel gauge,gear indicator ,engine balancer and much more features.

YBR125G has one major draw back , its slightly under powered but makes up for it by engine smoothness and comfortable ride.

In my opinion, its the motorcycle which started it all!


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