Yamaha Motorcycles short in Market!

The motorcycle industry of Pakistan is not dong so well but still the dealers are enjoying the most of it, For last month Yamaha Motorcycles are SHORT in market and they are not readily available. Yamaha showrooms are out of stock and very few units can be seen in the stock, many of them are booked and yet to be delivered but many dealers are asking for 1 month booking or OWN money if you want motorcycle on the spot.

According to a Yamaha Motor Pakistan representative the motorcycle production is limited due to Corona SOP’s being followed at Yamaha and also due to the lack of spare parts. Yamaha is trying hard to manage the backlog and to maintain the supplies as usual. To the question about own money, Yamaha Representative said that the motorcycle market is not governed by Yamaha, the negative market forces are asking for OWN money and that is making the situation worse.

What ever the case may be the dealers are always enjoying PROFITS and the end consumers are also suffering!

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