Yamaha motorcycles installment plan on 0% markup

Yamaha Motorcycles Installment Plan on 0% Markup

As motorcycle prices have started to climb since last year, there is a significant dent in sales. Every motorcycle manufacturing firm is under pressure to improve its sales and achieve its yearly targets. Big players like Atlas Honda can manage this dent due to their diverse product line. Yamaha however has to face tough times. To remedy that problem Yamaha Motor Pakistan has introduced Yamaha Motorcycles Installment Plan on 0% Markup. Here is what we know so far.

Yamaha motorcycles installment plan on 0% markup

Yamaha Motor Pakistan does not finance its motorcycles directly as Suzuki does. Yamaha motorcycles are financed by their dealers or banks. Dubai Islamic Bank has started leasing Yamaha motorcycles through its personal finance scheme. This scheme is developed for salaried persons only. Bank should have considered freelancers and small business owners as well.

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As per the bank, this is the only sharia-compliant personal finance in the market. The time period of this installment plan can be chosen from 12 to 48 months and there is no down payment requirement. For more details, you may visit your nearest bank for details.

On the other hand, our motorcycle industry is on the verge of falling apart. Yamaha Motor Pakistan and other motorcycle assemblers should convert themselves to local manufacturing rather than assembling motorcycles locally. Yamaha motorcycle prices have also gone much higher. The latest prices are not affordable for a common person.

Yamaha Motorcycles Latest Prices in Pakistan

Yamaha Motorcycles are of decent quality and they have good features to offer. The demand for a higher capacity motorcycle is still coming from many motorcycle enthusiasts and Yamaha fans in Pakistan. Now Yamaha needs to step up their game and launch something new, unique, and fast. That’s how they will really make a difference in our motorcycle industry.

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