Which engine oil is best for your motorcycle?

Engine oil is as important to engine as blood is to humans, engine oil not only lubricates the closely running components but also cleans and cools engine parts while under high pressure. The pressure on engines differ from situation to situation and environment to environment.

In Pakistan, summer season lasts longer and the on road temperatures increase up to 52 degrees. Start stop traffic makes engines run hot and stressful. These issues can cause over heating issues and here engine oil plays its role of cooling down and maintaining engine temperatures.

Two most commonly used engine oils are 20w50 and 10w40.These engine oils are used and recommended by major motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan.20w50 being thicker oil is used more in summer because it can dissipate heat in a better way than other oils. Its mostly available in mineral oil form(made from naturally extracted crude oil)

10w40 is usually recommended for Honda CB150F,Yamaha YBR125s and other premium motorcycles. This engine oil can also be used in other bikes but in winters. Its a thinner oil and its more favorable to use in winters. This oil is available in semi synthetic form(made with chemical formula and natural oil) for better life.

The engine oils should be changed with in 1500 to 2000 kms because our road conditions are harsh, engine oils loose their benefits quickly and can damage engine if not changed timely.

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