What is DUMCHI?

There are some products that are very low value and no one seems to notice them. Until their need is felt. DUMCHI is also such a product which hardly costs 50 rupees but saves you a lot of hassle. If you are wondering what is DUMCHI, let us explain in his blog.

Have you happened to ride behind a biker in the rainy season? there is mud all over the place and it’s thrown at you from the tyres of the motorcycle ahead of you because he is not using a DUMCHI. You still don’t get it? The small rubber extension on mudguards is called DUMCHI.

DUMCHI aka Mud Flap

The small rubber extension helps in saving mud from splashing all over the place. Since Pakistanis like to keep their clothes clean, they need to have a DUMCHI on their bikes as well. This DUMCHI is a layman’s term. In local markets, it is called DUMCHI while its real name is mud flap. Now you know what is DUMCHI, do you have it at your motorcycle? Let us know!

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