Used Motorcycles Markets in Pakistan

Used Motorcycles Market Value All Time High!

As inflation, fuel prices, and dollar rates are at an all-time high in Pakistan, so is the value of a used motorcycle. After the price hike of every motorcycle in Pakistan, the value of the used motorcycle has increased. The majority of customers have started investing in older motorcycles and automobiles because buying new ones is out of the question these days.

In Offline markets, the situation is very interesting. Showrooms are full of new and old motorcycles but the customer footfall is very low. On new motorcycles, companies, and dealers are offering zero percent markup whereas some dealers are offering free helmets, free tunings, and many other things.

Used Motorcycles Markets in Pakistan

The Online markets are also not different. People are often seen asking ridiculous amounts for their automobiles. No matter if they are worth it or not. In the case of used motorcycles, the first choice of any consumer is to purchase from his friends’ circle. In the case of the used motorcycle market there are many cases of fraud in documents and temporarily fixing motorcycles so it is better to be safe in the case of a used motorcycle. There is no concept of offering maintenance and warranty for a used automobile in Pakistan.

Many dealers who sell used motorcycles are often accused of mechanically fixing the motorcycles temporarily. They are accused of using thick engine oil and in some cases even banana peel to make the engine sound healthy and silent.

The best way to purchase a used motorcycle is to purchase it within your circle. It is best if you know the purchase and maintenance history of the vehicle. An abused vehicle may look good on the outside but fixing it will cost you money. A week engine consumes engine oil and smokes. It rattles and makes unusual sounds on revving. If you can tag along a mechanic or an expert friend, it is more better!

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