Suzuki offers Special Discounts

Pak Suzuki has introduced 150cc entry level sports bike Suzuki Gixxer 150 sf in their fleet for some time now. Suzuki had priced it for 600,000 rupees and it’s price has not changed yet.

Despite the good performance figures and looks , the Gixxer failed to make the mark Suzuki was looking for. Now Suzuki has offered special discounts and installment packages for Gixxer to improve it’s sales.

The Gixxer is now available on easy installments as low as 12,500 rupees and UpTo 50,000 cash discounts are offered if customer is willing to pay cash.

Suzuki should have priced it around 450,000 rupees in start to generate sales but as per company the prices are subjected to dollar and import duties hence Gixxer was priced higher. Also it seems like they’re looking to liquidate existing stocks and not going to import more.

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