The Legend of Suzuki Mehran

There is a slight difference between legend and a hero. The Hero needs to be remembred but a legend never dies. Suzuki Mehran is a legend in its own, this is one of the oldest and most affordable 800cc entry level hatch back of Pakistan. Derived from Suzuki Fronte, Suzuki Mehran is the 3rd generation of Suzuki Alto which remained in production till 2017 with a few changes.

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The Mehran was Kei Car of its era, 796cc, 4 speed manual and a very very basic car. Launched in 1989 in Pakistan and stayed in production till late 2017, the car had barely any change. The body and cosmetics were updated, halogen lamps became crystal and some cosmetic upgrades but for the most part it was the same car.

In later years, Suzuki introduced EFI System in Pakistan as per government policy and made slight changes to the engine. The car still produced same output but it became more fuel efficient. The car has a very basic suspension set up and hardly seats 4 people but the following for this car is way too much.

The only reason which i can think of is that this was the only option when a person wanted to move from a 2 wheeler to 4 wheeler. The car is practical and affordable very easily. On top of that it has excellent resale and acceptability!

All in all, this is the legend of Suzuki Mehran!

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