Suzuki GS150R Launch in Pakistan

The Suzuki GS150SE is rumored to be discontinued soon. The motorcycle is greatly loved by Pakistani audience and people are fan of it. There are many opinions about what company will launch and what people are expecting.

In our opinion Suzuki GS150R seems a best option for Pakistan. The motorcycle was in production across the border and it was decently accepted there. The Suzuki GS150R seems a much better option for some obvious reasons.

  • Suzuki GS150R is 13.5 hp (more powerful than Suzuki GS150)
  • Suzuki GS150R has 6 gears (Suzuki GS150 has 5)
  • Even though it’s efi in India, it maybe available in Pakistan with carb to keeps cost low
  • Much more sporty and stylish (the Suzuki GS150 is not stylish at all)

The Suzuki GS150R has a good quality and features on board. It will entirely depend upon pricing. If Suzuki can launch it under 275,000. They can really win it!

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