Super power Archi150 or Lon in CR1

Is this motorcycle a super power Archie 150 or is it a Loncin CR1?Well most of you are right. This is a Loncin CR1 actually and it was launched in Pakistan under the name of super power. This scenario is called BADGE ENGINEERING and its a common practice I. Automotive world.

Badge Engineering may have many reasons but the most common is to save cost. In a country which has limited potential, auto manufacturers try to arrange a machine from a near by supplier and place their own badge.
One of the main difference between Archi and CR1 is engine power. The Archi is 150cc while CR1 is 125cc.Other than that there are some cosmetic changes as well.

Loncin CR1 is a global unit which is still under production across the world but SuperPower has stopped selling them in Pakistan.we will find the reasons for that soon!

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