Sundiro Honda CRF 190L

Sundiro Honda (Honda’s Chinese subsidiary) has recently launched a light weight adventure motorcycle CRF 190L for Asian markets(currently china only) This light weight adventure motorcycle has a vibe like Africa Twin and an attitude like Dakar racing bikes.

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The 184cc Sohc powered Honda produces 16hp and approx. 12 Nm of torque which may seem less on paper but due to its light weight at 145kgs, the things are interesting enough to enjoy.

Being an adventure bike, it has to have few more things like good ground clearance, suspension travel and a decent seat height.Luckily it checks these boxes as well with ground clearance of 241mm, suspension travel of 180mm and seat height of 830mm it will be a fun adventure bike for sure.
Sadly this machine is not coming to Pakistan currently but Atlas Honda can bring it in like they have already done with Sundiro Honda made CB150F.Hope fully it would be under 450k and will act as a game changer for Honda.

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