DFSK Prince Pearl

Prince Pearl Now Avaialable on Easy Installments

The automotive sector in Pakistan is experiencing instability as a result of declining sales and ongoing manufacturing issues. Faced with the pressing need for renewed interest and accessibility, local automakers have launched on a journey of pricing and payment structure innovation.Regal Automobiles has joined the ranks of rivals by introducing a new 12-month instalment option for its Prince Pearl and K01 variants, indicating a shift toward greater financial flexibility for potential purchasers.

Prince Pearl Available On Easy Installments

According to the company’s notification:

“The installment plan was created to make our vehicles more accessible to a broader range of customers, allowing them to enjoy the quality and performance of our products while having more financial flexibility.” As a valued partner, we wanted to make sure you were among the first to learn about this opportunity.”

Regal Automobiles’ official shared that the company’s dedication to increasing its client base and making its automobiles more accessible to a larger spectrum of consumers. The move is considered as a strategic response to the country’s economic woes, which have damaged the purchasing power of potential car customers.

DFSK Prince Pearl

“The Prince Pearl, which has a current price tag of Rs. 1,850,000, is now available for purchase with a 12-month installment scheme at the same price under the new instalment plan.
likewise, the K01 model, which costs Rs. 2,070,000, has a 12-month financing plan in which clients pay the same price in 12 equal monthly installments.”

The message stresses the company’s status as a trusted partner, with the goal of ensuring that potential purchasers are among the first to embrace this opportunity.

As Pakistan’s automobile industry adapts to the changing landscape, Regal Automobiles’ creative pricing approach could be a catalyst for revitalizing the market, delivering a ray of hope for both consumers and producers.

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