Petrol prices may increase again!

This is a regular practice in Pakistan , After temporary happiness of declining petrol prices, we come across days when petrol prices start to rise. This is one of those times again and petrol prices may increase in Pakistan. As per media reports, petrol prices are going to increase by 5 to 7 rupees. Here is what we know so far.

New Fuel Prices In Pakistan

As per media reports, the new fuel prices may be like following. In case of petrol, it may get 7 rupees increase and in case of diesel, it may increase by 10 rupees per liter. This price hike is quite substantial and will end up in increasing inflation.

Why fuel prices will increase in Pakistan, Check new levy here.

International Market Fuel Prices

The fuel prices are now surging in global market. As Pakistan is a non fuel producing country (Pakistan produces a little portion of its needs locally), it depends on the international markets for sourcing of crude oil. The crude oil is later cleaned and treated in refineries and supplied across Pakistan. All of these costs keep on adding and the end consumer gets an expensive product.

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