Pakistani Auto industry in trouble

Increasing inflation and un stability has caused many socio economical problems. Pakistani Automobile Industry is in dire need of rehabilitation and its in trouble. Toyota Indus motors has not only increased the prices but it is also observing non production days as the imported CKD kits are banned from being imported to Pakistan.

The non production days mean that the factory is at halt and many other companies are going to follow the trend soon. Hyundai and Kia has increased its prices by a huge margin and they’re also facing the lack of CKD Kits.

The manufacturing units in Pakistan are always based on CKD kits because they are not producing completely locally. The companies import majority parts and sell locally assembled vehicles here. The new government has recently imposed ban on import so that the dollar rate can be stabilized.

The dollar rate and political un stability is having a very bad impact on our automobile industry. It seems like there is no end to it and people will not be able to buy new cars soon!


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