A peron checking air quantity in bike tyre

Motorcycle Tire pressure & why its important

Motorcycle tire pressure is generally the most ignored part of our daily riding routine, we are either using an under or over inflated tire which can be dangerous.The over inflated tire can cause lack of grip while panic braking and losing traction while under inflated tire causes loss of fuel efficiency and low tire life. Not to mention the ride quality also gets worst in both scenarios.
My secret to perfect braking and enjoying a smooth ride is keeping the tire pressure as specified in the owners manual, that too for some very valid reasons.
The tire lasts a good period of time and i always have traction when ever needed. Also the ride quality is very much improved. The video shows a demonstration with high and as per standard air pressures.

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I hope the readers and viewers get to know how they can enjoy the ride with a perfect balance of traction and stopping powers.

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