Mode Mobility, A new EV startup

In our local market where small capacity motorcycles are always hot, a small niche of electric vehicles is surging. Mode Mobility is also one of those start ups who are hoping to revolutionize the local industry.

Mode Mobility has recently flexed their muscles and shared images of their prototype. They call it C series and it is a consumer friendly two wheeler. According to the manufacturer, it’s intended to resolve the issues of urban mobility and focused towards the females who are always in a trouble to move around easily.

The C series comes with two power options and a swappable battery pack, with it’s easy dynamics it will be a breeze to handle in the city traffic. It can run to speed of 75kms and gets upto 65kms in a full charge.

Many small things like battery pack type and price are yet to be shared. Mode Mobility aim to deliver the orders by last quarter of 2022 and they will be taking pre orders in mid 2022.

As an automobile journalist, we have very few things to appreciate about and the Mode Mobility C Series is definitely one of them.

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