METRO Launches LY SuperBike in Pakistan for 155,000 Only!

Metro Electric Vehicles is launching new and innovative motorcycles and electric scooters in Pakistan. Recently they have made the waves with their T9 Pro which is an excellent electric vehicle for Pakistan. Followed by the M6 Empower which is also amazing. Now METRO has launched its cheapest electric vehicle for Pakistan, the LY Super Bike.

Do not let the name SuperBike confuse you, LY is a moped let alone a bike. The LY Super Bike is powered by a 400-watt electric motor which is powered by 48V23Ah batteries. These batteries are maintenance-free and come with a 1000-hour charging cycle. The battery’s material is graphene and it is a maintenance-free battery.

LY Super Bike

The LY Super Bike is a basic point A to point B commuter moped. It is made to get the job done. With the top speed of 35km per hour this moped has nothing to do with speed but range. Its speed is controlled to increase its rideable range which is claimed to be around 80kms for one charge. The charging power (for one complete charge) is only 1.25 units which is very favorable as compared to other chinese electric vehicles around us.

Metro Electric Vehicles claim that the LY Super Bike will save you almost 4 lac rupees in terms of fuel before you will need to replace its batteries. Also it is being offered with the aluminium alloy wheels and 10 inch tubeless tyres. The LY Super Bike has many things to offer but its price is just right. For 155,000 rupees

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