Horrible accident of Speeding Bus in M2 Kalar Kahar Area, Claims lives of many on board

Yesterday morning around 10:13 am, a horrible accident of speeding bus occured at Kalar Kahar Area on Motorway. The bus was in way too much speed on a decline and couldn’t make the corner. The Bus jumped the dividers and flew on the other side landing up side down! This incident costed lives of many on board.

The salt range area of Kalar Kahar motorway is popular for its sharp turns and steep hill climbs. Drivers are advised to keep the speeds low and this area is heavily guided by motorway police. Issuing tickets to speeding vehicles and maintaining the pace of traffic. This unfortunate bus somehow went in attended and got into accident.

Since majority buses in Pakistan are on the chassis of old military trucks and the body is locally made, the safety is least of their worries. Also the use of seat belts is not common in public transport of Pakistan. That’s the reason so many people were thrown away out of the bus when it landed like that.

The point of brakes issue can also not be negated. Whatever it was, it was someone’s negligence which costed lives of so many people!

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