HONDA CG125, Pakistan’s favorite bike

There are a very few motorcycles who have a larger than life image, Honda CG125 is also one of those such motorcycles and it is loved like any thing amongst Pakistani motorcycle users. Though every one is aware of the fact that this machine is old but still the brand image of Honda CG125 is even larger than Atlas Honda Motorcycles.

There may be many attributes to Honda CG125 but we are going to discuss 5 most important features of this machine which make it sell so well across Pakistan.

  • The OG Street Bike:

Back in the 90’s when fast 2 stroke motorcycles were being discontinued due to various reasons, CG125 was the underdog which started getting recognition. People started opting for decently powerful Honda CG125.

  • Pakistan’s first 4stroke 125:

The CG125 has been around from late 70’s and it was Pakistan’s first 125cc 4stroke machine when every one was riding around in 2 strokes. These motorcycles were easy to maintain and work on, because of being 4stroke it was not polluting the environment and was easy to use.

  • The Power:

Being under 100 kgs (98 Kg dry weight) the Honda CG125 was a decently powerful machine. It produces almost 12 hp and coupled with its less weight and short wheel base, the motorcycle is quick on its feet. It snaps and runs adequately quick.

  • The Sound:

The most important and selling point is the orgasmic sound of Honda CG125. The rumbling sound means business and people across Pakistan love this sound. In fact in most areas its selling point is the sound. People love it and crave for it!

  • Larger than life:

As said earlier, Honda CG125 has a larger than life image which is also true, this motorcycle has the ability to win every ones heart with its pick, power and sound while it has the ease of maintenance and people tend to work on it with out any issues. The availability of its after market sales and services is immaculate and people love it for these obvious reasons.


Do let us know what you think of this and why you love or hate Honda CG125.

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