Fort Minro Steel Bridge

We bikers generally travel up north, during holidays the flow of traffic is higher in these areas and for a wanderer who wants to explore places its not the ideal situation. Also during the Covid scenario government announced a ban on Bikers to enter Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir in group or solo. Thats what got me thinking about discovering new places. Today We would be talking about Fort Minro’s Steel Bridge.

Breath taking isn’t it? This bridge is a marvel and has really really transformed the whole area, not only it helped in adding beauty this road is part of CPEC and has also aided in the economic development of this area. Fort Minro is also known as Murree Hills of Southern Punjab. Located high in the mountains this area has breath taking views and amazing scenic views to enjoy.

This amazing bridge to Fort Minro is around 180kms from Multan and i am definitely going to check it out because its beauty is too catchy and attractive as a magnet!

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