CROWN CR100 Self Start

Crown Motorcycles recently launched it new 100cc motorcycle which is known as Crown CR 100. This 100cc Motorcycle is amalgamation of new and old. Lets find out in details.

The Superb100 is based on an old chassis which is reinforced to receive a 100cc engine. This 100cc engine is basically a bored out version of 70cc engine. The new 100cc engine is good on power and torque but makes some nasty vibrations when the revs climb due to small frame.

Crown CR100

On the mechanical front the bike is not much modern, It gets the same old telescopic front forks and adjustable rear suspension. The Other bits are also from the parts bin. Though it gets a self starter and alloy wheels but still it could have been better.

Crown CR 100

Design wise the bike looks like an evolution, from its basic variant to a new and updated one but the design of rear cowling and front head lamp makes it look odd in my opinion. However as an affordable replacement of Honda’s Pridor 100 it seems a fairly good option. Crown CR100 comes with 6 months warranty but its new price isn’t shared by the company as of now.

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